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A note from the sisters...

Our passion is to train musicians, young and old to make a joyful noise to the Lord.  We encourage our students to become equipped to minister to others through the gift of music.  Getting to this point naturally takes hours and hours of diligent practice and hard work!  Through this, students have the added benefit of developing godly character and a good work ethic, while gaining skills to last a lifetime. 

As Christians first and foremost, it is our goal to glorify God, our Heavenly Father in all we do.  We take the liberty to pray and quote Scripture in lessons and at recitals.  If this is a problem for you in any way, perhaps we aren't the right music teachers for your family.  

A unique aspect of Hulin Sisters Music is that as itinerant teachers, we provide the service of lessons in our students' homes.  In addition to the convenience it provides the families we serve, we feel this allows us to get to know our students in a more personal way, in their natural environment, teaching them on their own instrument.

As you may have guessed, we are sisters and also best friends!  We enjoy the opportunity to work alongside each other as colleagues.  Often we'll brainstorm together about how to improve our business, implement motivational techniques or better teach a principle of harmony.  This teamwork has proven to enhance the quality of our teaching over the years.  

No doubt, family is of great importance to us.  We have enjoyed making music with each other over the years and we aim to pass this vision to our students as well.  For example at our recitals you may hear parent-child or sibling groups playing duets, accompanying one another, or playing a composition they composed together.  How rewarding it is to see family unity demonstrated through music!

We think music is a gift and ought to be shared!  All students have the opportunity to play in two to three organized performances a year.  The locations of the performances are in local churches, nursing homes, hospitals and/or at local music festivals.  For advanced students we also offer tutoring in music pedagogy (the art of learning how to teach others to play music).

We pray that we are a blessing and encouragement to your family!           

Soli Deo Gloria!  -The Hulin Sisters

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands.  Ps. 100:1

"We have been very pleased with the piano instruction that Sarah has provided for our children. She is very experienced and does a remarkable job with teaching a very comprehensive selection of piano material. It has been a blessing to hear how well our children have been performing since their time working with Sarah, and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking expert piano instruction."    

-a piano student's father, Spring, TX

A good teacher is someone that meets you at your own level and pulls you up to the next one. Not belittling, or condemning you for what you aren't but, seeing you what you could be. Breaking down what seems like an impossibility by giving you the steps to achieve it.  

-Leah Hulin

The end and final aim of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul.

- J.S. Bach

If the student fails to learn the teacher fails to teach.

- Anonymous

What are the top ten qualities of a piano student?

1. Perseverance

You won’t get anywhere doing anything if you’re the type of person that gives up easily. This is especially true for the piano......

What Age Should Music Lessons Begin?

My opinion is that the earlier the better!  At age three it would seem that children’s music sponge is possibly most “thirsty”...laying a solid musical foundation at an early age is ideal. 

Why Should My Child Take Piano Lessons?

...researchers probing the inner workings of the brain have found neural firing patterns that bear a remarkable resemblance to music...