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For Students

To print free, customizable staff paper

Includes an interactive musical dictionary, composer biographies, an archive of short informational radio programs and audio files of favorite classical music

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra's site of musical fun and learning, activities to make and do at home, info about orchestral instruments and practicing

lots of information on music theory, history, styles, and a few games

Find fun, free music games here

Lots of fun, free music games, many for beginners; click on “Games” and see especially “Word Warrior,” “Travel through Treble Space,” and “Bone Up on the Bass Clef”

Music theory website, see especially the “Lessons” section to learn theory in a stepwise gradual way and “Trainers” to quiz yourself; not colorful or very flashy but still very good and free

Classical and contemporary musical scores to print for free; much of it is on the advanced level

Many good, innovative, free articles and tools to learn music and practice better; includes a music dictionary

Animated and fun website of the San Francisco Symphony introduces kids to the orchestra, also has sections on theory and composers

Music theory website, some content is a bit more advanced, but good                                            

 For Parents

To print free customizable staff paper

Search by day or month for concerts and music events in our city

Over 1000 pages of piano info, see the link “For Parents”

Many innovative, free articles and tools to help your student learn music and practice better

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